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What does therapy look like?

Stuttering therapy takes on many shapes and forms. Flexibility and working with the client is the hallmark for success.

Sessions can take place in the client's home, at our office in Rochester Minnesota or telepractice services....therapy over a secure internet connection can be made available.

Group sessions when available, can also be a great way to meet others that are experiencing the same feelings and communication challenges as you or your loved ones. Contact us for availability of group sessions.

How much does this cost?

While Midwest Fluency Services does not take insurance directly, we can work with you to provide the necessary paperwork for you to make your own insurance claims. Therapy packages can help to reduce costs. You make a commitment to change by selecting the package option. The duration of the package gives you insight into what therapy will consist of and an outlook into your progress. A therapy package consists of ten sessions.

Rates are listed below:

30 min therapy session = $55  Package of ten = $490

45 min therapy session = $75  Package of ten = $675

60 min therapy session = $90  Package of ten = $790

*Note: Package rates do not apply if insurance is being claimed due to insurance laws and restrictions.

How long does therapy take?

It is difficult to determine the length of successful therapy. The client and Mr. Glessing will sit down in the early stages of therapy to discuss goals, expected outcomes, and ways to make the client the most successful communicator they can be. It is the belief of Midwest Fluency Services that the best way to achieve this is to make the client their own clinician. In other words, give the client the knowledge and tools necessary to tweak and review their own communication habits so that they are healthy, happy and effective lifelong communicators. Therapy then, after this has been achieved is no longer necessary or may only remain necessary on an occasional basis.

Does therapy result in a cure?

There is no known cure for stuttering or other related fluency disorders. Midwest Fluency Service or any other service that claims 'cure" for stuttering, should be viewed with extreme caution. What can be achieved is increased fluency, increased ability to communicate how the client wants, when the client wants and to whom the client wants. The handicapping condition of a fluency disorder can be decreased or virtually illuminated. While this does not represent a 'cure' in the conventional sense, it can be a life altering amount of change and a path to reaching a person's full potential.  

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