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  • School therapy for fluency can be a tricky and complicated path. Low incidence disorders like stuttering, cluttering and autism spectrum dysfluency present unique challenges. As speech pathologists, we owe it to our clients to get them the help they need. For many of our families, the schools provide the only information and guidance these children will receive. Midwest Fluency Services can help your school district on a case by case basis by answering questions regarding specific clients. We can also provide training for your clinicians to meet these challenges and exceed your stakeholder's expectations of what can be provided in the school setting. Both as a student and a therapist, Jeffrey Glessing brings his 35 years of experience partner with your professional and capable staff.

Midwest Fluency Services also offers a free phone consultation for parents and persons who stutter. This free service will answer questions and assess you or your loved ones need for a further evaluation and or screening.

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