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The Mystery of the Mistakes in Mulligan's Mouth

Available now in Paperback 

A mysterious black box found on his grandfather's farm may just lead Harry on the adventure he craves. Eleven-year old Harry Mulligan hasn't had much to be excited about since his mother moved his family to rural Alabama to care for his aged grandfather. Harry is frustrated by his stuttering, as well as from the constant pestering from his older sister Janie. The family can't pay their bills and Harry is frozen in fear by his grandfather who resides behind closed doors, unable to talk, unable to interact, chaining the family to live in this relic of a place by his very presence. Can the contents of the box be the key to solving the family's problems and help Harry solve the mystery of the mistakes in Mulligan's mouth?

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 Coming Soon: Guide to The Mystery of the Mistakes in Mulligan's Mouth

Use this 150 page guide to open up dialogue between you and your client or child who stutters. There are chapter by chapter questions and workbook pages to help them better understand their stuttering as well as learn more about the characters in the book The Mystery of the Mistakes in Mulligan's Mouth. Available January 2020.

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